• 200-10111 No.3 Road Richmond, BC V7A 1W6
  • Pub: (604) 271-6611



  • 11.50

    Special Pi Wings

    10 Tempura breaded wings drizzled with zesty chili sauce.

  • 13.95

    Panko Breaded Prawns

    Served with a Chipotle & Lime mayo.

  • 13.95

    Tequila & Lime Garlic Prawns

    Cooked to perfection and served with Garlic Bread.

  • 12.25

    Blackbean & Lime Dip

    A unique zesty vegan dip, made with black beans and sautéed veggies & an array of exotic spices and a hint of fresh lime juice and zest. Baked and topped with a Tomatillo salsa. Served with Homecut corn chips.

  • 9.25

    Chips & Salsa

    Traditional Pico de Gallo Salsa. Need we say more.

  • 12.25

    Calamari & Tzatziki

    Tried and true. A traditional favourite.

  • 10.25

    Shrimp Gyoza

    Pan fried and served with a drizzle of Hoi Sin sauce. Green onions and sesame oil.

  • 9.25


    Fresh cut fries topped with cheese curds and oven baked. Garnished with gravy and green onions.

  • 10.25

    Deep Fried Pork Bites

    Tossed with black pepper and coarse sea salt.

    ADD: Drizzled with Maple syrup and hot sauce.

  • 10.50

    Potato Skins

    A half dozen potato skins covered with nacho cheese and bacon bits, oven baked. Garnished with green onions. Served with sour cream.

  • 13.25–17.25


    • Half - 13.25
    • Full - 17.25

    Homecut tri – colored corn chips, piled high with a blend of cheddar & Monterey jack cheese, and garnished with Black Olives, tomatoes and Jalapenos. Served with Salsa and Sour cream.

    Add guacamole: $2.00

    ADD: Chicken, Beef or pulled pork for an extra $3

  • 13.95

    Middle East Feast

    Hummus and Tzatziki served with Flatbread. Vegan.

  • 10.25

    Chicken Wings (10)

    Choose your sauce: Hot, BBQ, Teriyaki, Salt & Pepper, Honey Garlic, Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Sweet Chili, Jamaica style jerk, or Gump (our honey garlic & hot mix)

    Served with blue cheese dressing; carrot and celery sticks

  • 7.50

    Deep Fried Pickles

    Accompanied with an ancho & chipotle mayo.

  • 11.50

    Chicken Tenders

    Made to order , available as an entree or an appy .Served with a Honey Mustard dipping sauce.


    Caesar salad: $3.00

    Greek Salad: $3.00

    Garden salad: $2.00

    Fries and coleslaw: $2.00

  • 9.50

    Fresh Vegetable Platter

    Served with seasonal vegetables and a dill ranch dip.

  • 8.50–10.25

    Pan Fried Perogies

    • 6 PC - 8.50
    • 12 PC - 10.25

    Sautéed onions, bacon (optional), tomatoes and green onions.

    ADD: Caesar salad $3, Greek salad $3, House salad $2, or fries and coleslaw $2

    ADD: Kielbasa $4

  • 3.50

    Pi Chips

    Fresh thin cut Kennenbec potatoes, deep fried and served with cajun, sea salt and smoked black pepper. With Chipotle ketchup.